October 2, 2008

Whew! What a week

Well the convention is finally over...THANK GOODNESS!!!

Unfortunately, it was a complete waste of 3 days and my feet are so very angry with me. High heels and concrete floors do NOT go very well together. I have already informed The Man that I will be in my slippers all weekend. Fortunately for me, they ALMOST look like shoes...

My in-laws are coming in for the weekend so I really must start making a menu of what i am going to feed them over the weekend. The are going to get to see The Boy play football and The Girl cheer...i'm so excited for them. All fingers crossed that The Boy can pull it together and actually get some playing time this weekend.

So here is a question I have been battling with lately...how do you get an 11 (almost 12) year old boy to understand the importance of school and getting his homework done correctly. God completely blessed me with both of my children and gave me brilliant little ones...HOWEVER, they are extremely lazy and don't work very hard at their school work. I will completely give it to both of them, they have never really had to work hard...until now. The Boy is in middle school and taking all Pre-AP classes. He failed two tests over the last couple of weeks and when I reviewed the material with him afterwards - he completely knew all the answers. I just don't get it. He is in such a rush to get done that he absolutely refuses to go back and read his answers before he turns it in. Fortunately, we have great teachers and they both allowed him to go in and retake the tests...the math shot up to a 90 and the science test...well it got up to a 71...but that is MUCH better than the previous grade. He is so very capable but refuses to take the time to ensure that he really read the questions and wrote in the right answer... Any suggestions...

Still need to get the family pictures done...although i'm really starting to wonder when that's ever going to happen...hopefully before all the leaves fall off of the trees.

OMG....must get to the store and get stuff to make spirit sticks....REALLY must get that done

Today I'm thankful for:
1. The show being over
2. The love of The Man
3. my job...every day is a learning experience
4. the patience of those that surround me

All my love