October 7, 2008

Upward and Onward

OK, so moving on to a more positive note...

We didn't have football practice last night and it was quite nice to go enjoy dinner with the family during the week. The football coach wants to take the team to a movie Friday night, so that will be exciting for the boys (and the coaches). Our football team is officially 3-0 now - the boys are going to the playoffs!!

I wasn't able to take any pictures this weekend, but hopefully next weekend will prove to be a little better for photo opps.

This week is going to be a good week... (positive thoughts out there for my Kharma)

Thankful for:
1. my family - i love them so very much...no matter how crazy everyone is
2. the fall weather...it's coming - i know it is
3. my husband - he loves me so much he's willing to cry in front of group of people just because he sees how my heart is breaking
4. my friends...few and far between but completely wonderful

All my love