October 9, 2008


First, let me say that I love my job. It is filled with new challenges every day and sometimes that comes excitement...sometimes a little irritation.

I work for a very small company that is trying to grow...we have faith! I have spent the last couple of months cleaning up the messes of others and trying to organize the heck out of the place. In between all of that, I have all the other "stuff" that must get done. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. I feel sometimes that I bit off way more than I could chew and that I am not truly qualified for this job, but I still trudge through and continue to learn every day. I have wonderful friends and family that are great resources for me. The Wise One is the person that I rely on the most, with work issues and family issues...she is an amazing person and never lets me know that she is tired of me asking questions. I love her for that.

So anyway, back to work...yesterday I was given a resume of an individual that we are looking at bringing on to the company...now let me stress - "we" means pretty much everyone BUT me...I don't usually get a say in these things, nor do i understand why we hire the people we hire - but I digress. As I call him to get him to fill out an employment application and background consent, I can tell by his voice that he is...well...a good ol' boy. You have to understand that for this industry...our field guys pretty much just need to be a good ol' boy and willing to get the job done at all costs. (she says as she gulps and knows that this is just another person that has no experience) I receive his application back and just immediately chuckle because this is just another example...One of the questions on the employment application asks if they have had any accidents in the last 3 years. His response "not sure"


Did you hit the car or not? Did your car have an impact on any other object?

Wait, it really does get better... next question "If so, how many"

response "Not positive"

OMG...yeah, i can't WAIT to run this guy's background.

Another day...another dollar.

Man I love my job!

All my love


Those Crazy Scotts said...

That is just too much I can totally see your face as your telling the story.

Josh said...

Wow...I can TOTALLY relate. LOL