October 28, 2009

Crazy Busy

Sorry for my lack of blogging. It has been crazy busy. Work is crazy, school is crazy, photography is crazy, kids are DEFINITELY crazy!!

The Girl is wrapping up softball and cheer - thank goodness

The Boy is getting involved in athletics in school now that his heart has been cleared. He is also gearing up for regionals in Band. The band teacher said that he thinks he has a REALLY good chance at making it into the regionals band...yay Boy! He is slacking on his grades so we are attempting to get him refocused...good luck with that. He is just way lazy about it all.

The Man is still searching for jobs. We have our fingers crossed on a really good prospect right now..but he is getting nervous. We have faith that everything is going to work out, but some days our faith waivers.

My photography feels like it is really going somewhere..but then again this is the busy time of year for family portraits. I have GOT to figure out some ways to get business booked for the beginning of the year. I need some marketing ideas. Some ideas that will get people motivated to keep booking with me after the rush of the holidays.

The school pictures went well - I am almost done editing them and will be able to open them up for the parents. I am really super scared about it. I mean REALLY nervous.

Right now, I am working on getting plans made for going to Vegas to a photography convention. I am so very excited about it!! I really hope it all works out.

It is crazy the amount of money it takes to get a business going. I knew it took a lot, but there is always something that I run across that I think, WOW I could really use that. That would be so beneficial. OMGosh I REALLY would like to go to that workshop.

So that is our lives in a nutshell...just crazy! For now, back to work... and tonight..back to editing. Man it's almost of a full time job!

October 8, 2009

Good news

Great news really. The Boy's heart is completely fine. There are NO holes in his heart. We can go two ways with this one. Either the original dr that looked at the echo didn't read it right and instead of saying to us that they didn't get good images and we needed to come in - he decided to diagnose The Boy with a hole in his heart. Or Door #2 says that all of the prayers worked.

I think I will go with Door #2. Thank you to everyone who prayed for my hooligan. He is VERY relieved and is excited to get back to sports, and life in general without having this craziness weighing so heavily on him.

October 7, 2009


Tomorrow is the day we go to the cardiologist. I have done really well the last week or so and haven't burst into tears. It took me a good week + to be able to say what was going on with The Boy's heart without just completely sobbing like an idiot. I had to remind myself that there is a plan and everything happens for a reason.

But now that we are here...just 12 hours from meeting with this new doctor, I am scared to death. I am so scared of hearing bad news. But I do know in my heart that it will be ok, whatever the outcome is. I know that I am so very blessed to have made it 12 (almost 13) years without finding out about this hole in some other horrible manner. We are here today for a reason. He is a remarkable kid and I know that everything will be ok.

But...I am sick to my stomach. I am praying that regardless of the news I am able to maintain my composure in front of him. He knows I am a worrier...so is he. I want to be his rock. I want to be the strong one that reassures him that no matter what the course of treatment is...it is all going to be ok.

So now that today is done and we have tucked both of the hooligans in their beds and hollered up the stairs to be quiet more times than we care to count...I am wishing that tomorrow would wait just a little bit longer.

On the flip side, I am happy that tomorrow is here. We will have a plan. I will be able to ask all the questions floating around in my head. We will know where this journey is going to start. We will be able to hopefully receive a little bit of reassurance.

Our doctor is new to this hospital. I noticed on all of the paperwork i filled out that his name was not on any of it. I pray that he is knowledgeable, compassionate, comforting, and spiritual. I pray that he isn't new to medicine. I pray that he will know best. I pray...that he says a prayer.

Tonight The Boy went to church and talked about his heart. This is the first time I think he has done this. They prayed over him. I pray that it was enough.

I know that tomorrow is only going to leave me with more questions...and that is ok. It will be a start. A start to something....good news or not so good news...it will be a start. More than anything, it is another day. We will take it one day at a time and trust in those around us, those far away, and those up above that our prayers will give us peace with whatever we learn tomorrow.

October 6, 2009

Where have all the blog posts gone??

I am terribly sorry that I haven't blogged in so long. Busy just really doesn't even describe my life right now...we are so far beyond that. Even the drive home isn't long enough to make all the phone calls needed.

The Girl has been crazy busy with sports. Every Saturday we have two softball games and a football game for cheer. In between all of that I have been busy reworking the MaddiePie Creations website and securing the contract for the school pictures. I've also got my classes going on so homework in the evenings...at this point, I'm just praying for passing grades. The Boy has his appointment with the Cardiologist this Thursday. Woo Hoo!

The Man is working so very hard on finding a job. He had a really great interview Monday and now we are just waiting for a follow up phone call. He feels really good about it - so PLEASE PLEASE say a prayer.

My work is insane to say the least. Crazy, crazy. The end of the year is always very busy for our group with performance reviews and ramping up for Open Enrollment. Not to mention all the usual daily stuff that goes on.

I am booking up for October and November. It is so very exciting. I can't believe how many sessions I already have scheduled. I really feel like great things are to come.

I have some pictures to download of the kids...when I find time.

Off I go...The Man is earning brownie points tonight and treating me to something special! Woo Hoo!

October 1, 2009

Rainy days

Ugh, it's raining again today. I know we need it, blah blah blah...but man I am so tired of the rain. It doesn't really help too much with the mood either. I find myself very quiet and reserved these rainy days. I have a hard enough time focusing on work, because truth be told, I would much rather be ANYWHERE but here. I have so many things to work on and so many things on my to do list and homework and sleep. Oh I could sleep for days. I could just crawl in bed turn on the TV and sleep. Maybe that's why nothing ever seems to get done...every free moment i have i sleep. hmmmm, might need to re-evaluate that approach.

I want sunshine, I want cool 75 degree days. I want some free time. I want to be ahead of my to-do list not so far behind it that I can't sleep for thinking about everything that I need to get done.

Stinkin' rain always makes me a little blue.