October 28, 2009

Crazy Busy

Sorry for my lack of blogging. It has been crazy busy. Work is crazy, school is crazy, photography is crazy, kids are DEFINITELY crazy!!

The Girl is wrapping up softball and cheer - thank goodness

The Boy is getting involved in athletics in school now that his heart has been cleared. He is also gearing up for regionals in Band. The band teacher said that he thinks he has a REALLY good chance at making it into the regionals band...yay Boy! He is slacking on his grades so we are attempting to get him refocused...good luck with that. He is just way lazy about it all.

The Man is still searching for jobs. We have our fingers crossed on a really good prospect right now..but he is getting nervous. We have faith that everything is going to work out, but some days our faith waivers.

My photography feels like it is really going somewhere..but then again this is the busy time of year for family portraits. I have GOT to figure out some ways to get business booked for the beginning of the year. I need some marketing ideas. Some ideas that will get people motivated to keep booking with me after the rush of the holidays.

The school pictures went well - I am almost done editing them and will be able to open them up for the parents. I am really super scared about it. I mean REALLY nervous.

Right now, I am working on getting plans made for going to Vegas to a photography convention. I am so very excited about it!! I really hope it all works out.

It is crazy the amount of money it takes to get a business going. I knew it took a lot, but there is always something that I run across that I think, WOW I could really use that. That would be so beneficial. OMGosh I REALLY would like to go to that workshop.

So that is our lives in a nutshell...just crazy! For now, back to work... and tonight..back to editing. Man it's almost of a full time job!