October 6, 2009

Where have all the blog posts gone??

I am terribly sorry that I haven't blogged in so long. Busy just really doesn't even describe my life right now...we are so far beyond that. Even the drive home isn't long enough to make all the phone calls needed.

The Girl has been crazy busy with sports. Every Saturday we have two softball games and a football game for cheer. In between all of that I have been busy reworking the MaddiePie Creations website and securing the contract for the school pictures. I've also got my classes going on so homework in the evenings...at this point, I'm just praying for passing grades. The Boy has his appointment with the Cardiologist this Thursday. Woo Hoo!

The Man is working so very hard on finding a job. He had a really great interview Monday and now we are just waiting for a follow up phone call. He feels really good about it - so PLEASE PLEASE say a prayer.

My work is insane to say the least. Crazy, crazy. The end of the year is always very busy for our group with performance reviews and ramping up for Open Enrollment. Not to mention all the usual daily stuff that goes on.

I am booking up for October and November. It is so very exciting. I can't believe how many sessions I already have scheduled. I really feel like great things are to come.

I have some pictures to download of the kids...when I find time.

Off I go...The Man is earning brownie points tonight and treating me to something special! Woo Hoo!