October 7, 2010

so busy

It's funny. I am dreading an upcoming surgery. I mean REALLY dreading it. It's not that its a big deal, its just that I am really stressed about being down for so long and really about being the center of attention. I have this horrible image of people just sitting and staring. I'm so uncomfortable with people coming to visit me. Maybe it's because i'm vain. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my makeup done every morning. I wonder if i can just rock the ponytail for two weeks. Surely no one will notice....right?

But on the flip side. I'm exhausted right now. I mean really exhausted. I am a little excited about getting to sleep and really do nothing for at least a solid week. Two weeks before i can drive...and as independent as I am...that sounds WONDERFUL.

Life has been crazy as usual...when is my life not.

but i am blessed to have an amazing family and a great group of friends who constantly build me up and keep me chugging along. I have a rockstar husband who has been amazing and just cleaned the entire house for me while i was gone on a business trip. I know he did it to earn some brownie points...but I also know he did it so I wouldn't have to worry about it while I am down. I am blessed!! that is for sure!

August 23, 2010

Just breathe...

So...have I ever told you that I have a weird body? Trust me, it's freakin weird. The latest fun trip to the dr. has shown a stupid lump/bump in the bladder wall. Big deal...didn't seem like it. Oh, you want to remove it? OK sure. Laser surgery is great nowadays...Oh, no laser sugery? You want to do in patient open surgery?? what is that? You want to open my belly? Uh, no thanks. We will just resume regular programming. It's been there for 31 years....it's fine. Yes i realize it made me bleed and deal with clots...but, really, i'm sure its fine. No? You can't just leave it there? Crap. OK fine. So, let's see...September is next month and there is a wedding at the end of the month, two weddings in October...and don't forget about family sessions that are getting ready to get out of control for Christmas cards...OK, well, can we just wait until January or February? No...hmmm? Crap! Ok, so let's see...just tell me how long i'll be down and I'll just book out some time out of my schedule and we will just knock this out. 2-3 weeks....WTH? uh...no thank you! Ok wait, how long am I going to be in the hospital? 2-3 days. Freakin Great! Well....how long is the incision going to be?? 4-5 inches. WHAT??? 4-5 inches??? Do you know that I am not a big person? I think they cut babies out of smaller holes than that!!! Ok...just breathe...this is all going to work out.

Hmmmm....can he do a tummy tuck while he's already working down there? At least that will seem like it was worth the effort? No? He's just a uroligist not a plastic surgeon? Well, can't he just pull it back together really tight????

Stupid body!!!!!!


August 9, 2010

Bad start to a kid free weekend

Let me just start by saying, i have the best husband in the world! So kind and patient and when I ruined the first weekend of our kid free week...he didn't show his dissappointment at all. I love him.

To keep a long story short...i have yet another bladder infection, and possibly something else. I won't go into the yucky details...but suffice it to say - all the fun that should be had while being kid free...is officially off limits for at least the first 1/2 of the week.


August 4, 2010

The Boy

I've done a lot of writing about The Girl recently...The Boy is pretty easy right now. I say that with bated breath. With these two, you just never know what is right around the corner.

Today is his athletic physical. I told him I was taking him when I scheduled his last dr. appt last week when he had bronchitis. I heard him ask The Man if he could take off on Wednesday (today). I asked him later why he asked and he said "Because mom, i'm getting my physical."

Well dude...if you think i'm staying in the room for that...you have got another thing coming!! Thanks but no thanks! I get to handle The Girl's stuff...and The Man gets to figure out your stuff...i'm just the driver today.

August 2, 2010

It's official

The Girl...is on her way to not being a LITTLE girl anymore. We took both hooligans in for their checkups and I asked about the hairy armpits issue...

After taking a closer look, the dr said we should see her start her period with a year. A year??? are you serious?? A year? She's 9 freakin' years old... You must be joking me!

She recommends that we put a pad in her backpack just in case...all the while The Girl is looking like she could just die at the moment...not because we are talking about periods and puberty...nope, she's mortified because "she touched my boobies!"

yeah, it apparently escaped her attention that the dr. also took a peak at the downstairs area.

So we got home and I the fun job of telling her about periods and the differences between boys puberty and girls puberty. She asked lots of questions...LOTS of questions.

But you know what, by the end of the conversation...she wasn't freaked outby it, she wasn't nervous, she was just very matter of fact by it all. It was pretty neat. She is definately growing up!

I'm just hoping we are looking more at the END of the year timetable...

July 23, 2010

Summer Vacation??

We are going on a summer vacation starting tomorrow morning (Saturday) and lasting until...Sunday evening. Woo Hoo! We are party animals :)

We got invited to go down to San Antonio for the weekend. This is the weekend the Dallas Cowboys have training camp and it is open to the public. The boys are going to LOVE IT!! Us girls...well, I think we might do some window shopping. Lord knows the budget doesn't allow for real shopping :(

It will be fun, none of us have ever been to San Antonio so maybe it will be a teaser of a future (longer) vacation.

We are sharing a room with another couple...6 people in one room...should be interesting.

Wish me luck!

July 14, 2010

I came across a picture on Facebook today of someone who changed my life forever. It's funny how something can spark a memory and take you back to a certain time and place. Make you become obsessed with finding more information. Make you want to...well, destroy everything they have. Make you not want to be a better person.

I am completely sick to my stomach right now and don't know how to shake these feelings.

So I will focus on the good in my life. Focus on the things I have overcome and know that I survived.

I love my husband and my family. I am truly blessed with the things I have in my life.


kinda weird

It's kinda weird right now. I almost feel as though maybe the medication isn't working. I feel myself wanting to do nothing but sleep. I feel myself drawing inward. Nothing spectacular is going on right now that has me extra overwhelmed....I'm just really sleepy.

Problem here is that I can't take a whole pill to try to combat this problem...because well a whole pill makes me sleepy. See the problem?

Perhaps all of this is because our favorite monthly guest is about to make an appearance...who knows. Maybe this is just my hormones running amuck and the medicine is doing it's best.

Good news...i'm not a crabby crazy lunatic. So I guess its working. Now...I think i might crawl under my desk and take a little cat nap.

July 12, 2010


OMG...my kids are hairy. I mean gross kinda hairy!

The Boy has hair "everywhere" and has for a while now, but ugh! I'm not ready for that.

To make matters worse...The Girl...has started to get hair under her armpits. GROSS!!!! EWWWWWW!!! She's only 9?!?!?!!? Really? So now I have to figure out when she is supposed to start shaving. That is just crazy scary.

She finally noticed it this weekend....she's amused by it. Her dad is a little bothered that we are closely coming up on this stage of her life...

July 7, 2010

WHOA!! April 29....i'm a bad blogger

Holy moly i'm a bad blogger. Ok, let's update and get this show on the road

It's been two months since I started this medicine...and I feel like a normal person. Well, I feel like what I think a normal person might feel like.

The good side: I don't feel stressed out, I don't feel like a lunatic, I have a LOT more patience with everyone, I guess the best way to describe me now is...eh, whatever. I'm not a zombie or drifting along in a fog...I just really don't care one way or the other. It really is kinda nice, because now when the hooligans are loud and obnoxious, I just kinda watch them and laugh with them. The Man is now the one that does most of the yelling at them. It's kinda nice not being the one that flips out all the time. Not that he flips out, he just gets aggravated...and I don't :)

The bad side: The medicine makes me very sleepy. A whole pill makes me struggle to stay awake and I yawn all day long, but is GREAT for the appetite control. A 1/2 a pill doesn't make me sleepy but doesn't curb my appetite either. So as the doctor says, 1/2 dozen one way 6 the other. I guess you have to pick your battles right?

I love it. I sleep better. I feel better. I think better. Good grief...so this is what it feels like huh?

The kids are already so incredibly bored staying at home this summer...so i think that we might try the library this weekend and the arts and crafts store...i refuse to buy anymore games...their brains are turning to mush.

We have spent most weekends out by the pool or over at someone else's house by the pool. It's freakin HOT in Texas...that's really the only place to be :)

Photography is picking up again for the summer...I have already booked a few weddings and the family portraits and senior portraits are starting to pick up as well. Busy Busy girl!!