October 7, 2010

so busy

It's funny. I am dreading an upcoming surgery. I mean REALLY dreading it. It's not that its a big deal, its just that I am really stressed about being down for so long and really about being the center of attention. I have this horrible image of people just sitting and staring. I'm so uncomfortable with people coming to visit me. Maybe it's because i'm vain. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my makeup done every morning. I wonder if i can just rock the ponytail for two weeks. Surely no one will notice....right?

But on the flip side. I'm exhausted right now. I mean really exhausted. I am a little excited about getting to sleep and really do nothing for at least a solid week. Two weeks before i can drive...and as independent as I am...that sounds WONDERFUL.

Life has been crazy as usual...when is my life not.

but i am blessed to have an amazing family and a great group of friends who constantly build me up and keep me chugging along. I have a rockstar husband who has been amazing and just cleaned the entire house for me while i was gone on a business trip. I know he did it to earn some brownie points...but I also know he did it so I wouldn't have to worry about it while I am down. I am blessed!! that is for sure!