August 2, 2010

It's official

The on her way to not being a LITTLE girl anymore. We took both hooligans in for their checkups and I asked about the hairy armpits issue...

After taking a closer look, the dr said we should see her start her period with a year. A year??? are you serious?? A year? She's 9 freakin' years old... You must be joking me!

She recommends that we put a pad in her backpack just in case...all the while The Girl is looking like she could just die at the moment...not because we are talking about periods and puberty...nope, she's mortified because "she touched my boobies!"

yeah, it apparently escaped her attention that the dr. also took a peak at the downstairs area.

So we got home and I the fun job of telling her about periods and the differences between boys puberty and girls puberty. She asked lots of questions...LOTS of questions.

But you know what, by the end of the conversation...she wasn't freaked outby it, she wasn't nervous, she was just very matter of fact by it all. It was pretty neat. She is definately growing up!

I'm just hoping we are looking more at the END of the year timetable...