October 29, 2008

UGH! Work

So one big FLAW I have (one of the many) is that I let things bother me and I can't seem to shake them off easily...

Well, today is one of those days...The Big Boss Man, who says he's going to let British Guy run the company, tells me today that he isn't real sure what I do every day...


While I know that I have already made a difference in the 3 months that I have been here, it bothers me that he doesn't know that. I am so not one to walk around and toot my own horn, so i'm not going to go to Big Boss Man every day and say "look what i did today". I want those above me to tell him when he asks...I want the British Guy to say "hey, check out what Mommaloo is doing".

But no, that's just not how it works. So I just spent the last hour typing up my "list" of what I have been working on. let me just say, it's a pretty big list if i do say so myself.

I really want Big Boss Man to come to me and say "I had no idea you were doing all of this...good job" But again, no, that's not how it works. I'd be surprised if it even gets acknowledged.

So I'm leaving for lunch...i'm going to go eat lots of carbs...LOTS and maybe i'll feel better when i get back in the office. Because right now...the girly side of me, just would like to sit here and cry a little bit and woller around in my own self pity... But that's not very manager like.