October 21, 2008

laughing out loud

I love it when others make me laugh at their day...yes, i'm twisted that way. I enjoy the fact that someone else's life is just as crazy as mine and things are not always perfect. H just blogged about her trip to Walmart and it totally made me laugh out loud. I love her because she tells the greatest stories...and she laughs at herself. I figure it takes a lot to laugh at your own problems...she is wonderful.

She makes me laugh because thru it all, she still has a wonderful time throughout her day and a positive attitude, no matter how bad Walmart gets.

Other stuff going on in my crazy life:

Found a youth program at the church we have been going to - off and on for a few months. I'm really excited about this because I feel like it will give The Boy the strength that he needs and the positive influences in his life to help him be the person I know he is. I want him to know that he is enough...he is enough for his friends, he is enough for the girls, he is enough to me, and he is enough to be a completely wonderful person. H and I are going to try to get both of our boys to attend their program. The boys get along pretty well and I think they really enjoy being around each other. Her Boy is crazy tall and The Boy is crazy short...it's kinda funny when they get around each other. But H's Boy is an amazing person and sticks up for The Boy when others pick on him. They compliment each other very well...kinda like the moms.

Work is insane...lots of just hectic craziness. We are in a weird place right now, where we are trying to grow, but we keep taking steps backwards. Maybe it is the growing pains of a small company, but I really hope it gets going in the right direction soon. I have already learned so much and yet so much is still pending...pending approvals, or information, data or...whatever! I still love it, I am just ready to get everyone moving in the same direction and get on to bigger and better things.

The girl...oh The Girl. I'm not entirely sure what is going on with The Girl...but good grief. Every day is a battle. I think she is in a weird transition from little girl to ...well whatever comes next. Some days she is super sassy and telling the world what her rules are going to be and other days she is crying like she is 2. I really really hope we all make it thru this in one piece. Days like yesterday...i really have to stop and wonder.

Fundraisers...OMG. Please please put a stop to all the fundraisers. So far...since August...we have had a two fundraisers for cheerleading, two for football, one for 6th grade in general, one for 6th grade band, one for 6th grade choir, and two for 2nd grade. REALLY...how in the heck am I supposed to really do all of these. 9 fundraisers in 3 months is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. They aren't even good fundraisers...for the love of Pete people, I don't know that many people to sell this crap too. Soooo, because you can't send them back to school with nothing sold...i have bought the stuff. It amazes me, because we do all of these fundraisers...and our kids still don't have enough books to bring home for homework.

The Man has been absolutely wonderful lately. We had a big "talk" a few weeks ago and I feel like it really got us back on the same page. I think things are going pretty good for us. We are making a really big effort to have date night once a week. H makes me laugh because she keeps asking to have the kids come over during that time - i think it weirds her out that they are staying by themselves. I love our date nights though, it really gives us some time to just talk without other kidlike distractions.

OK, well...back to it - must appear like I am really working

All my love