September 30, 2008

Tomorrow is October 1, which officially means that I must start REALLY thinking about Christmas gifts. I am going to try to keep us to a budget this year because every year it seems to get out of hand quickly.

The photobooks are the priority right now. I need to spend next week working on getting all of the photos organized so they are easier to upload and the books can be designed a little quicker than they have in the last year. I'm super excited about them this year because I found a new website ( and they have partnered with some other great companies that can turn out a fantastic product.

And something creative...each year i try to make something homemade for the year it was blankets, another it was candles...I really need to find that GREAT idea for this year.

OH yes, things I am thankful for today:
1. I get to have dinner with Mary...she makes my heart smile every time i see her or even just talk to her.
2. Sherry is going to get to come down in November to stay the weekend
3. I have an explanation for all the raging hormones that have been going on with The Boy!
4. The Man...he's a pretty cool guy

All my love

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Those Crazy Scotts said...

Have you got a cure for the hormone issue??? I would pay big money for that.