September 25, 2008


It's really funny...when I was growing up I felt like such an ugly kid. From my clothes, to my hair, to my really just about everything about me. I was fortunate enough to marry a great guy (The Man) and he has been so wonderful to me and has pretty much let me do whatever I have wanted to do to myself to make me feel better. We spend a ridiculous amount of money on clothes...although I try to be a bargain shopper! I have great hair now and actually know how to fix it with the right products and tools - but I still spend a fortune getting it colored.

There have been some other things that I have changed about myself, but the most recent thing is my teeth. I have spent the last year in braces and now invisalign... While I know this will be worth it too in the end...Holy Cow! Every two weeks I wear a new set and every two is like starting over. I sit here today and just want to turn off all the lights and crawl under my desk. I think mouth pain is one of the worst pains.

Mission at lunch...get some advil, LOTS of advil.

All my love