September 24, 2008


A goal I have for myself going forward is to list out the things I am thankful for. I would like to say that I will do this every day, however, I know that I am a big procrastinator...but i'm really going to try.

So here is today's list

I am thankful for:
1. My children and that they are both wonderfully smart
2. The Man - that he continues to fight just as hard with me to make it all worthwhile
3. The people in my life that continuously support me (even in the little ways)
4. That one person in my life who can help me make sense of it all...even when she won't give me the answers :)
5. my job - I have a fantastic job that allows me to work close to home and do what I love to do
6. all the little things in life that continue to be a blessing to me


Those Crazy Scotts said...

I love this idea...can I borrow it?

Mommaloo said...