September 24, 2008

Motivation... and other randomness

Well, it's official! Someone stole my motivation this afternoon. I have a list of things that REALLY need to get done for work, but alas, the list just sits and stares back at me.

Where is my mind you ask? Well, I want to have our family pics done this weekend and I am wondering if i'm capable enough to do them myself. I bought a remote last time I was at the camera store and thought to myself, "how great would it be to not have the pressure of someone else trying to take our family pics"...little did I know just how much I would stress out over this whole concept. But...I figure if I could survive the newborn session I did 2 months ago... I can do this.

So now the big question...what to wear? for me, the kids and the Man.... ugh, such decisions.

OH...I have to tell you that I have met one of the most wonderful people ever. She is an absolutely amazing person. I love to see her eyes light up when she talks about her kids or her husband (who is away with work) and how every part of her being is about her family. She makes me want to be a better wife every time I talk to her. As for being a better mother...I figure that if we all just survive the teenage years...I've done a pretty good job.

But I digress, this woman...she is an amazing person. We were talking the other night at football practice and she mentioned meatloaf. Well, the poor Man hasn't had meatloaf in I can't tell you how long, because I refuse to make it. God love her soul...she brought him a meatloaf yesterday. The best part - she even made something for me. I love her! I love that she is constantly thinking of other people. I'm sad that I hadn't met her before now and after this season, our boys will no longer spend time together as they do not go to the same school.

Speaking of her son - he is a super great kid. It's so hard to look at other people's kids and remember that your kids aren't the complete buttheads that they appear to be. I know that I have great kids, they are smart, wonderful, compassionate...BUT they are kids, and they have hormones, and is just not all that fun sometimes. But I love them, and I relish in every thing they do and every success they have.

Well, this turned out to be a lot of rambling and I apologize for that...maybe as time goes on, I will learn to be more focused in my blogs....probably not, but it's a good goal to have.

All my love

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Those Crazy Scotts said...

I am speachless. Thank you so much for your kind words. You melted my heart.
Let me learn more about photography with you. It will be so fun to have a photo buddy! I took three years of photography and journalism and have nothing brilliant to show for it!