May 19, 2009

to eat or not to eat...

that is the question...or really just the situation.

several years ago, I was one of those girls that didn't eat when she was stressed out. I really think that is why I stayed so skinny for so long. Lord knows I had enough stress, so I never really thought too much of it.

But a few years ago, it changed. Now I eat when I am stressed. I eat A LOT. I can really eat more than people might think. If you know The Man...then you would understand. Not eating was never an option with his family. So I became accustomed to that. NOW...I need to somehow figure out how to get back there.

I destroyed some M&Ms earlier today...ok just an hour ago, but still. I stress and I eat. I wish I would crave something healthy...but no of course not. M&Ms and rootbeer floats call out to me. Oh how I would LOVE to have a root beer soothing.

I'm gonna have to walk 3 miles tonight to work off those babies.