May 21, 2009

OK, seriously

All good intentions of a diet went to the wayside this week. MUST get back to it. Had a healthy lunch today but ruined it with a yummy dr. pepper. I couldn't help it, it was a GOOD one. You know sometimes fountain drinks taste better than others. And this Dr. Pepper was a REALLY good one.

Don't think i have anything going on tonight so after I fix dinner and The Man gets home (another late night) we are going for another walk. I really need to be walking 4 miles, but I'm not sure I am quite ready for that just yet. We'll see. I only did one mile the other night and honestly i'm not even really sure it was worth it. HAVE to get on some sort of plan. You know that commercial for Walmart and all their different diet products where the woman is putting up laundry and see's her swimsuit in the drawer....yeah, that's me. OH BOY!