May 19, 2009

Drama, Drama, who's got the drama?

Yeah, because I REALLY have to go looking for it. Right!

Work is posed to spin out of control rather quickly. Hanging on and I'm here until they tell me they don't want me here but holy moly...hang on for a wild ride.

The Boy has all of a sudden decided that he can be lazy with his school work...and is mad at ME because he now has to go to Saturday school because his teacher is fed up with HIM not doing the work. Lovely, just flippin' lovely.

The Girl is well she is a girl...I wonder how many times I have said that in my blog?? But yes, she is a girl that is full of drama, just because...well...because she is awake. Yes, you have to take a shower EVERY night. Yes, you have to brush your hair...and all of it, not just the parts you can see. Yes, you have to put up your laundry. No, you cannot hide it and pretend you put it all up...I will find it. I promise you, I will. Please for the love of all things good and your mothers precious sanity can you please please please clean up the GIANT mess you left on the table, or counter, or floor, or bathroom, or....wherever else your trail happens to lead.

The Man...I love you. I'm a little nervous about the "opportunities" that keep coming your way. I will be supportive, but I won't lie and tell you I'm not nervous. There is a plan and I am just waiting to see how it all unfolds. I love you and I believe in all you do and know that all will be ok. But holy hell i'm nervous.

The Wise One...know you are loved. Even in all the needy times, you are loved. For who you are and all you do.

Glass Lady...believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish great things. Your fear will forever hold you back. Reach out and try new things.

As for me, I'm really flippin hungry and because work is such a state of chaos, there is no one to go eat with. Guess I'll heat up the stupid healthy lunch I brought.