May 22, 2009


Stress is a funny thing. I will be the first person to tell you, I spend most of my days stressed out. Stressed about things that matter and a lot of stuff that doesn't. I stress over my stress. But recently, I got out of a bad situation at work and have a great vacation to look forward to. I actually feel relatively un-stressed. But my body tells me otherwise. The last three days have been miserable, physically. I have had 3 cold sores, the skin on my face has hurt, a headache that won't go away, and a super sharp stabbing pain in my right ear and right side of my head. It's been very uncomfortable but I have really tried to not say too much. I am tired of hearing myself complain, I can only imagine what The Man thinks everytime I complain about something new hurting.

I am also one of the WORST people about going to the dr. But today as I sat at my desk and just wanted to cry because the pain in my ear was unbearable, I thought "this is stupid, just go to the dr and get some medicine, you obviously have an ear infection". So I called and they were able to get me in today (yeah!). Apparently the virus that causes the cold sores lives in your nerve endings and is exacerbated by stress and fatigue. All the other stuff, the skin, the stabbing pains...all that is connected. It is just my nerve endings in my face and head freakin' out a little bit.

The funny thing is...I really don't feel that stressed out. Really! Maybe it is a lasting effect from the job i just left??? Who knows.

Fortunately, we don't have too much going on this weekend so I think I'm just going to focus on homework and getting the house cleaned. There is nothing else that HAS to be done. Next that's a different story altogether.