May 15, 2009

Pictures coming out of my ears

You know, I really should take time to think about things before I promise them out. I finished the girls soccer team shoot last night and told the coach that I should have them ready to view by Saturday morning...WTH, it was Thursday night and we have an 8:00 baseball game tonight. Yeah...I really see me getting them done by Saturday morning. Perhaps if I didn't have 248 of them to sort thru and edit...

It's Friday, one week back. I LOVE it. We are getting ready to move the office down one floor so it's all packing tonday. Even with all the moving, coming back was a very good decision.

The Boy goes to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio tomorrow for a band All Star field trip. He is SUPER, not so much. He has to be at school at 3:45 AM and I will pick him back up at 2:00AM on Sunday morning. He better be glad I love him.

The Girl is being extra helpful lately, maybe she is coming out of her funk. Fortunately it's the two of us tomorrow because The Man has to work. Maybe it will be good for her.

OK, I'm off to go pack more office stuff.