May 29, 2009

The Ocean

So...if you know me, you know I am the BIGGEST sissy you will ever meet in your life. I am terrified of bugs, and well just all things that are yucky. Last year we took the kids to Coco Beach for the day before we headed back from our Disney trip. I was completey terrified of the little yellow crabs that live in the sand and keep popping up. I really can't even describe to you the feeling I had inside while watching these things literally come out of nowhere. I wouldn't get in the ocean because I was scared of the fish swimming around and jellyfish that The Man kept telling me about.

And now we are going for a whole week. I am excited for the trip, but absolutely terrified of the ocean and all the things in it. So i have found a solution. Ready??

Yep...I'm going to find me a wet suit. That way...I can't FEEL anything as it swims by me. And as for the crabs in the sand. I'm going to get a beach chair that is up off the ground.