May 7, 2009


Well, I am officially in my thirties. It's really weird because I have such a hard time judging other peoples ages and I really don't feel like I "look" like I'm thirty. I guess that's a good thing though, maybe I won't feel like I look 50 when I turn 50. :)

I got lots of birthday comments yesterday and that always makes you feel good. Such good friends. All loved so much more than they know.

Yesterday was a good day. I did absolutely nothing!! Those are the best days. I'm playing stay-at-home mommy this week and really haven't gotten much done on my list that I wanted to get done. But it has been a relaxing week, and I think I really needed that. Shhh...don't tell The Man, but he was right. I needed some time off to just relax and just do what I wanted to do.

Next week, it's back to work. I really am excited about it. I am excited to be back with people who truly value what I can do and value me as a person. It will be nice for a change.

Ok...I HAVE to get SOMETHING done today. I'm off to hang up all the laundry and hopefully get my financial aid registered for.