February 6, 2009

Wishy Washy

The Man and I talked and talked and finally decided to not put the kids in baseball...

I pick up The Girl from school and they played baseball in PE yesterday...she was so excited about hitting the ball twice. (ugh...did you feel that knife go in)

On the way home she starts asking about when the first softball practice is?? (really, how is it possible she is really THIS excited about it)

I get home and notice The Boy's cell phone and check his text messages...he has spent the afternoon talking to his aunt about how he is going to play baseball and he is so excited. (well, that knife just went in and twisted around)

I told The Man at date night last night that I just couldn't take them out of it. They are both so very excited and I just can't do it. So we ultimately decided to just suck it up and make it work. I'm not going to think about it right now, i'll just wait until we get the schedules and figure it out then.

Surely there can't be any more sports they want to try...