February 4, 2009

What a week...what do you mean it's only Wednesday??

This has already been one heck of a week!! Is there a full moon this week or what? Something is going on.

Work is crazy, the kids are crazy, I am crazy... good lord, I think I lost my ever lovin' mind yesterday.

BUT... today is Wednesday, Hump Day, the 1/2 way point...and I am determined to turn it around. This week WILL be better. I am going to make it a better week if it kills me...and at this rate - it just might.

So what's going on for the rest of the week???

Today - The Man has a big important meeting for work and the kids have church

Thursday - Having lunch with one of my favorites and The Man has to work late and then we have date night...yeah that SOOO needs to get back on track.

Friday - The Boy has his first dance...more on that in a bit.

Saturday - The Boy has baseball tryouts...but the Man says he doesn't REALLY have to go. Huh? I don't get that AT ALL. Apparently, if they don't go to tryouts they just get put in the draft. Regardless I guess it is a crap shoot either way, but maybe he will be good and get drafted.

Sunday - Church, morning and night.

Wow...i guess we just hang on at this point and hope we all make it thru.

So...The Boy has his first dance this Friday night. He is on the student council board so he has to stay and set up for the dance and decorate. FUN. He's been telling me for a while that he needs to ask someone to the dance but he just doesn't know who. We talked about the options and it was pretty amusing. Girl #1 is the girlfriend of one of his friends, but he hasn't asked her yet. She told another Girl (are you lost yet) that she would go with whoever asked her first. So he figured why not?? I told him that he absolutely could not ask her....you can't ask someone who already has a boyfriend..."well he hasn't asked her"...yes I know honey, but trust me - you CAN'T ask your friends girlfriend to the dance. "Oh."

So after a couple of other options and two weeks later...I asked him last night if he has asked anyone yet. "no" (insert awkward silence)..."Mom...is there anything wrong with going stag?" No honey of course not is my response to him.

Now what you have to understand is that all he really cares about is "Is it gay to go by yourself". Poor kid... he just really wants to go and hang out - thankfully he isn't TOO interested in girls yet. Even though EVERY other boy is right now, he just hasn't gotten there. I think he worries about it more than anyone. I know that it is just because he is emotionally immature. He is ADHD afterall and while he is incredibly smart - he just doesn't have the social skills developed very well... and that is A. O.K. with me. No reason to rush into all the drama of dating just yet.

More later.

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Those Crazy Scotts said...

Stag is way cooler than having a date, so the kids tell me. Remind him he gets to dance with ALL the girls if he goes stag! Trust me, even the boys who seem confident about girls...are so far from it.