February 25, 2009

Step by step

Just for future reference, I really do not need a step by step breakdown of your day. Every phone call you have about a tool, does NOT require a trip down to my office to discuss the outcome of the call. I'm glad you feel the need to share...but please stop it. I have run out of ways to avoid these updates. If I pick up my phone when I hear you coming down the hall, you just come back. If I continue typing and working at my computer, you just keep talking. I don't think it would be very nice for me to just get up and close my door - but really...i'm about at that point. I swear you could get one of our tools up and running if you would actually spend the time ON THE TOOL instead of in my office.

I think I'm going to time it one of these days. I'm curious to know just how much time you spend standing in my office talking about your job instead of doing it.

OK, sorry. I really needed to be able to say that...and seeing as how I am the HR Manager, I didn't figure it would be good to say it out loud.

We finally booked the condo for our family vacation... Let the dieting begin. I officially have 114 days (or just under 4 months) to loose 15 pounds. That's doable....right? Before you get started, I absolutely DO NOT want to hear that you don't think I need to loose weight. The thing is...it's my body and I get to decide what weight I want to maintain. (picture me sticking my tongue out at you)

We are staying right on the beach, so I have wonderful images of waking up and sitting on the balcony while the kids scream and run around inside...sitting on the beach and watching the sun set in the evening. My goal is to get up early enough to watch the sunrise at least one of the days we are there. I can't wait to take all the pictures - I already have so many things in mind. REALLY I just can't wait. Florida...here we come...well - in 114 days anyway.