February 22, 2009

One Month to Live - week 2

So this was the first full week of this series.  

We had amazing music this morning.  Music is something that can move me like nothing else.  If I have had a bad morning with the kids, music can turn it around faster than anything.  I watched as The Boy rock out to Meant To Live by Switchfoot this morning...music moves him to.  It's truly amazing to watch.

We discussed Living Passionately in our series today.  Here are some key things that stuck with me:

- Nothing great ever happens without passion
- Does my passion make a difference in someone else's life?

The three key things about living my life passionately
1. Find my passion
2. Follow my passion
3. Fuel my passion

This really makes me step back and think about my life.  I read in our book that a lot of people have "Someday Syndrome".  This is when you constantly tell yourself you will do something some day.  Some day there will be enough money.  Some day there will be enough time.  Some day the timing will be just right.  I can honestly say that I live a Someday life.  I am not a risk taker and if you know me well enough, you know this about me.  Risk scares the hell out of me.

But to be true to myself and my passion...and even true to my family, I need to step out of my safe box and take some risks.  I need to quit saying that someday I am going to build my indoor studio, someday I will build my photography website, someday I will plant in my flower beds....  

So today...I will take pictures of our furniture upstairs and list it on Craigslist tomorrow.  I will take that money and buy that materials to build my indoor studio.  Next weekend I will buy the flowers to plant.  I will start researching how to build my website.

As I was sitting and listening today, I realized that I do not know what The Man's passion is.  That made me really sad.  He is so involved in my passions, and I feel as though maybe I have denied him time to have his own passion.

What are you passionate about?