February 16, 2009

What would you do if you knew you only had one month to live

Calm down...I am fine.

We started a series in church with that title and will be looking at it for the next 6 weeks. We have a book to read and all kinds of stuff. I am really excited to get into this.

But for now, think about that question with me.

How would your priorities change?
What would you do differently?
What you start doing?
What would no longer be important?

Think about things like: How do you put your kids to bed now? Do you just tell them good night and send them on their way? Would you change that routine?

What would you say to those around you?

What would you say to those far away?

Think about it... how would it change your life if you knew you only had One Month To Live?

I'll try to share often on here as this series progresses.

On a lighter note...here is The Girl from softball practice this weekend...note to self "must open eyes"