February 21, 2009

On the downhill slope.  Today is much better.  I was able to get out for most of the day without hurting too much.  Must mean its getting better.  

We picked up Sophie from  the vet today - that was a nice break and allowed me to recover a little easier.  She has gained 8+ pounds in the month and a half we have had her.  She is a WILD dog today, you can tell she is enjoying being back home.  She loved on everyone and cuddled and played like a crazy girl.  I'm wondering how much longer before she crashes and just can't stay awake anymore.

Whatever the vet fed her DOES NOT agree with her system.  She was taking a nap on the couch while we looked for beach houses and she just about killed us all.  She has got gas like you cannot imagine.  I mean run for the hills gas.  Whew!  Such a horrible smell from such a sweet dog.

Cross your fingers that she sleeps tonight.  I really can't figure out the secret to her sleeping all night.  

The Girl is a mess today.  I don't know what is going on with her - but she is wearing me out and it started from the moment she got up this morning.  I guess she is just excited that the dog is home, but seriously, she's gonna have to chill out and SOON.

We are taking a family vacation this summer to Florida with The Man's family.  I'm on the hunt for a condo that is on the beach and within everyone's price range.  I really hope we can find one and that it turns out to be what it says it is.  I can't wait.  A whole week on a beach...it sounds so wonderful.  The kids are going to have a great time and it will be nice to be able to have some alone time but still spend time with the kids.  

The summer is already looking like it is going to be busy - it will be nice to get some dates nailed down so we can make other plans.  

Off to go order pizza for dinner...