April 22, 2009

a couple of things

So the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy...and I mean CRAZY. This weekend is literally filled with more activities than are humanly possible...but we will get it all done, or at least most of it.

i also have to, at some point, figure out how to make a toga. I mean a REALLY great toga. I have a couple of ideas and I think I will go tomorrow at lunch to find the fabric.

We have a toga party coming up in two weekends and then a night at Pete's the weekend after that. Lots to do, but it will be a lot of fun too.

Oh.....I'm turning 30 in the next few weeks. Shhhhh...let's not make it a big deal. Last year somehow my birthday got missed altogether. I think that is why i like to just keep it quiet because I don't like getting disappointed. This year we are trying a different approach.