April 20, 2009

Weekend wrap up

I am not a patient person...if you know me, you know that. I can't stand waiting, when I'm done with something...I'm done with it. I am ready to walk through that next open door and see what it holds for me. I HATE waiting. Hopefully later this week I will have some good news to share...but you have to wait too.

This past weekend we took the kids back home and celebrated my sisters 16th birthday party. I know she was disappointed because we could not do what she originally had planned, due to the weather, but it was a good weekend nonetheless. We went to a sweet little pottery place and the kids painted some stuff and The Man and I did mosaics. I can't wait to have the time to finish them up. It was different, but it was fun. I think kids always have a good time when they can create things and let their little brains work some overtime. I will post pictures once we get the items shipped to us. It was fun to just sit around and chit chat.

We saw the rest of the family on Sunday before we headed back and it went pretty good. There is always some tense moments when we all show our ugly side, but we try to reign it back in quickly. We are so much alike and the things that drive us crazy...well we all do them.

Overall it was a good weekend. I still can't believe that my baby sister turns 16 today. So very crazy.

Later today I will post some of my favorites from my two shoots this weekend over at the MaddiePie Creations blog.