November 3, 2008

You're freakin' me out lady

As we sit down for dinner last night, I ask The church went..."fine" he says. I ask him "So, what did ya'll talk about as you tipped backwards in my chair with your feet propped up on the table?"

"How did you know???"

"When you guys were praying at the end, did everyone go around the table and say something?"

"You're freakin' me out lady! How in the heck do you know that? Were you watching cameras somewhere?"

It was the funniest thing, he was completely stumped. In reality me, The Man, The Girl, and H stood outside watching thru a window that had a screen over it so they couldn't see out. It was so stinkin' funny to watch his reaction...I never told him how I knew. Maybe it will keep him on his toes never knowing what I know (insert evil laughter here)

I have to brag on The Man for a minute. He has gotten up two work mornings in a row and gotten the kids out of bed and started on their routine for me before I have gotten out of the shower. It makes the mornings soooooo much better. He helps out in a little ways where he can and I love him so much for that.

Weekend was good - we lost our football game, but I think we all expected to. The boys still played hard and that is all that matters. They didn't go out there and just let the other team stomp all over them. The Girl did great for the 1st half of the soccer game but we had to leave at 1/2 time to get to the football game. She did great in cheer too.

Halloween was fun. We went around with some of the people from the football team. It was nice to be with a group of people...I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids. After that, we stopped at a house of some friends that we hadn't seen in a while and it was a reminder that our families have really just grown in different directions. We want different things out of life. There is nothing wrong with that, it just kinda makes me sad that an 11 year old friendship has gone by the wayside.

Off to start the week...