November 19, 2008

Birthday Wishes and random stuff

Today The Boy turns 12...WOW. I really wonder when that happened. It is amazing to me the person that he is and who he is becoming. While we fight like crazy, I pray it is only the age and the hormones and that soon we will circle back around and find some common ground to land on. He is such a great person and has such a sweet little heart. Sometimes it's hard to see, but it's there.

Today was one of those rare moments where he let his love for The Girl show a little bit. He was opening his birthday presents from us this morning and The Girl gave him her was some fuzzy socks (from Bath & Body Works) that he has been wanting since last year. He looked at the socks and looked at her and asked if she picked them out. She hesitantly said yes and he told her "thank you so very much" and gave her a great big hug. Which of course led to me having to redo my flippin' eyeliner again -but it was SOOOO worth it.

I took him to Starbucks this morning to get a pumpkin loaf and a hot chocolate...because I hadn't gotten all the ingredients to make the pumpkin bread... and while we were waiting in line the radio station we listen to started to announce the birthdays...he waited so patiently - just hoping that his name would be announced over the air. I prayed that I had gotten the email in early enough to be added to the list. FINALLY they said it - mispronounced the last name - but they said it...and that was all that mattered. I tried not to look at him, but with tears in my eyes behind my sunglasses (i have no idea why i teared up) i turned around and he had the biggest smile on his face. It was priceless....then he says "They ALWAYS say it wrong". We both laughed - lord knows he is destined to a life of people mispronouncing his last name.

We are going tonight for his birthday dinner to Texas de Brazil. It is a crazy expensive place - but I swear I don't think I have EVER seen The Boy enjoy something so much. This place serves meat...LOTS AND LOTS of meat. Any kind of meat you want - The Boy prefers the filet mignon...imagine my surprise. They give you these little round cards and one side is red and one is green. The red side says "no, please don't offer me any more food" the green side says "bring on the meat!" so the waiters just keep coming around with these giant spears of meat that the shave off or slide off on to your plate. The first, and only, time we had been there I think he had a sirloin, a pork chop, something else, and 6 filet mignons...I'm really not kidding. If you have spent ANY time with The understand exactly how big that is for him. He ate and ate and ate...and they just kept bringing it around. So after football practice tonight - we are off to eat lots and lots of meat...and make one little 12 year old a VERY happy boy.

I love him! I love him so much - it almost hurts my heart. I love it when I get a text message in the afternoon about 3:45 that says "How are you?" It's almost like he actually cares...I know in reality it is just to be able to send a text message..but every once in a while I get an unprompted "I love you". I hope he knows that I love him more than it seems possible.

OK - on to the random stuff

I'm headed to go buy candle stuff today to get started on that project. But first, I really have to get the house cleaned up. I have no idea how to get it all cleaned up. While we went to laundry mat to get all the laundry done (seriously - I had 10 loads) I still have a closet full of dirty clothes and a crazy pile of clothes that need to be hung up. Overwhelming just doesn't even describe it. I really really need a whole day to get the house clean - a day with no kids, no activities, no nothing but me the radio and a LOT of cleaning. There is just no time to get it done. Maybe I will go home for lunch tomorrow and see what I can knock out and then tomorrow while the boys are at practice.

We won the first round of playoff games and have another one this Saturday night. If we win that one - we play again on Dec. 6...regardless of the outcome of that one - I think we play the following Saturday. Is it wrong to pray that we loose this weekend??

The Man says I will get a break from practice next week even if we win this weekends game...I almost laughed out loud (I couldn't because I was livid about the practice time for tonight) but his idea of a break from football and my idea of a break from football are a little different, i'm sure of it. I didn't even ask what it meant, because in all reality it just doesn't matter. So what if no one has any clean underwear, so what if no one has no toothepaste because I can't get to the's all for the greater good. right?

My goal with the candles is to get 10 batches done by this sunday...I figure i can do 2 batches on a normal night and i can knock out quite a few on sunday. I want to try to let them cure for 10 days so that means they should be ready to sell by December 1st.

That's about it for now...i'm sure I will think of something later.

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Those Crazy Scotts said...

I love the way you love your children. That you took so much delight in all of the little things this morning made my heart feel better just reading it! What a great Birthday morning!!!