November 14, 2008

Big Plans

Holy Moly...Christmas is almost here.

So I am almost done with my lists of who we are buying for, now I just need to get out there and get it all bought.

This weekend I have a lot to get done and the shopping is just going to have to wait.

Tomorrow's plans:
hair appt at 10
soccer game at 12
laundry MUST get done at this point
football game at 8 - but we have to be there at 7

Sunday doesn't look too bad...yet
so far just church
and more laundry

Next week, I have to get the two Bosses out of town for an EXPO, celebrate The Boy's birthday, The Wise One is coming into town, go buy supplies for candles, and of course...don't forget football practice every night. Depending on when the playoff game is next weekend, The Boy and The Man are going to take two other Boys to the TCU football game as part of The Boy's birthday - his actual party is going to have to wait until December when all playoff games are over.

Unfortunately, no photography this weekend. The football game is at night, so i'm not real comfortable shooting in the dark yet, but I will try to get some of the last soccer game.

OK, back to working on the budget and picking out christmas gifts. the way...if The Man asks you what I want for christmas...please be sure to tell him that I want an English Bulldog. He knows, but a little extra reinforcement never hurt.

- I'm so very thankful that The Man and I are on the same page about what our future holds for us.
- I'm thankful for a job that allows me to be close to home and pay off some more debt.
- I'm thankful for The Scott-Kinzie's...they have been a wonderful addition to our lives.
- I'm thankful that my best friend is going to start her own Thanksgiving Day tradition and that will get to participate.
- I'm thankful that people seem to like my photography, even when i'm not so sure.
- I'm thankful that The Man - gets excited about the things I'm excited about.
- I'm thankful that my crazy kids still love matter how much we get frustrated with each other.
- I'm thankful that it looks like we might get to have most of our debt paid off in 4 years.