November 5, 2008


So I leave this morning, completely frustrated because it's been one of those mornings...they happen often. Drop off both kids - leave the school and head for work... A decision must be made, go all the way down to the road that has the light or just turn left without the light. I decide, today I can just turn left without the light and cross 3 lanes of crazy traffic. Well...I was wrong, today I hit this little red car. Just clipped the back end of her, I still can't figure out why she wasn't out of the way by the time i got there...I guess my timing was WAY off. she was fine, I am fine. But dangit!! I can't believe I hit her. I mean I really can't believe I stinkin' hit her. The Man was wonderful and didn't get upset with me. I know it's just a car, but for the love of all's still frustrates me. Dangit!