September 17, 2009

Whew...what a week!

and it's still not over.  

This week has actually been really well.  The Man has connected with a couple of companies for jobs, my contract was extended at work, I got a slight rate increase, I signed a contract to do school pictures for a local private school, I reconnected with a friend...

But it has been such an emotional couple of weeks...I am exhausted.  truly worn out.

We have searched for halloween costumes...fought with the kids...done homework, theirs and mine, and now...I'm watching an old Dane Cook standup show on Comedy Central.  He is so completely inappropriate...but so freakin' funny.

Monday The Man turns 30 so we are having two birthday parties for him this weekend..starting tomorrow night.

This weekend is so busy...ready for this
Friday night - birthday party #1 for The Man
Saturday - family pictures at 1:00, football game at 5:00, birthday party #2 at 7:00
Sunday - newborn pictures at 10:00 and....well, there is something else...but I don't know what it is just yet

and then we are back to Monday... I swear it's like a race around here sometimes.