September 5, 2009

The Boy and his heart

I have hesitated to write anything about our current issues with The Boy and his heart, but then I decided that I love my blog and I love those that come here and read.  Not that we are super exciting, but I still love you for checking in on us.

Several weeks ago before school started The Boy had to have a physical done to participate in athletics.  Things were moving along quite nicely until the doctor rolled her chair across the room and said to me that she couldn't clear him.  HUH?  She heard a heart murmur and we would have to go to the children's hospital to have an echocardiogram done. She tells me that 90% of these murmurs are harmless.  She sent us on our merry way to wait on an appointment date.  

Last wednesday was the scheduled echo.  Everything went fine, it was an ultrasound of his heart.  It was actually pretty cool to watch.  We were told the cardiologist would review the test, write his report, and send it over to our doctor.  So we waited on a call from the doctor.

The doctor called yesterday (Friday) and said that unfortunately there was a problem indicated with the echo.  The Boy has a ventricular septal defect or more simply said, a hole in his heart.  She wanted to stress that it was a small hole. Treatment for this is dependent on the size.  Only the cardiologist can tell us how big the hole is and what the treatment will be.  There are two options, if it is small enough then they will just monitor it and leave it alone.  If it is a certain size or bigger, they will do heart surgery and put a patch on the hole.  So we are waiting for the appt with the cardiologist.

We do a lot of waiting...noticed that theme yet?

We are choosing to be very positive and believe that it will be very small and we will just monitor it closely.

In the meantime, we have chosen to take him out of all sports.  Small hole...big hole...we just can't risk anything happening to him until the cardiologist clears him.  He isn't very happy about this, but I hope that he will understand that we are doing this to keep him safe.

So say a little prayer and believe with us that it will be itty bitty.


Lorrie Prothero said...

Prayers from Southern California.

Those Crazy Scotts said...

the boy is in our prayers...praying itty bitty in a big way!