September 14, 2009

Update on The Boy and his heart

We know nothing. No seriously, nothing. I called last Thursday because Friday would have been a week since our dr. called us and told us to go see the ped. cardiologist. So...i waited oh so patiently for the cardiologist office to call us with an appt day. Well by the time Thursday rolled around, i wasn't patient any more.

I mean really, how long does it truly take to get an office to call you to set up an appt. Call me and tell me the appts are booked 3 and 4 weeks out...THAT i can handle. But not waiting for a call to tell me to wait for the appt.

So my dr.'s nurse called Friday morning (a week from the original call with the bad news) and said that she saw where the information had been sent over to the referral dept., but she thinks they haven't updated their system...yeah....right.

40 minutes later i get a call from the referral department, which is ironically in the same building as the doctor, and she tells me that she faxed over the paperwork...just now.

REALLY???? I know that this isn't her kid and she probably doesn't make a whole lot of money taking care of referrals...but come on!

So i confirm what she just said " just got sent over today?"

"YES, i just sent it over today" with attitude

Lady...there is a part of me that hopes you got into some kind of trouble for not doing your job. I know I should rise above it and just assume that you are having a rough time and all...but really?? If my doctor brings you the information, or submits it electronically on in the world does it take you 4 1/2 business days to get it faxed over, when you just did it in 40 minutes. Because I KNOW my doctors nurse walked over to you to find out what was going on.

So we are still waiting...I wonder if it's rude to call the cardiologist's office today??

I'll wait...for a few minutes anyway.


Lorrie Prothero said...

Wow - I can't believe this is happening to you! You'd think in this day where there are lots of unemployed people, the ones employed would be the good ones. Well, maybe they're saving money by keeping the least qualified on staff. I hope this gets taken care of quickly from here on out.

Mommaloo said...

Thank you Lorrie, that one made me laugh!