July 21, 2009


A week or two ago Jasmine Star asked on her Facebook Fan Page if happiness was a choice. It was very interesting to read thru a lot of the comments left on that question. I personally do believe that happiness is a choice. I think that regardless of what happens in your life you can choose to sit around and wallow in your misery or you can pick yourself up and move on. I can choose to have a good day at work no matter how crappy a co-worker has been.

There are many days, and sometimes many times throughout a day, when I struggle with this concept. I hate how someone can stomp on my good mood and it will instantly knock me down. I hate that dwell on things. I would love to be able to shake it off and continue on down my happy little path. But the reality of it is...it's not really in me to have happiness be the automatic reaction. For whatever reason my family is very pessimistic...it runs deep. If there is one thing I would change about myself and how we all react to things that stand in our way, is that we would be more "glass half full" kind of people.

I thought today as I was walking down the hall, after someone ticked me off, I wonder just how many times a day someone rains on my parade. By the time I got back to my office all I could think about was the question of is happiness a choice... I was so focused in on how frustrated I was that I couldn't see past it. I have to force myself to let the little things go. To know that in the big scheme of things it just doesn't matter.

I have to believe that things will work out for the best. I may not always understand why things happen and why people say or do things, but there is a plan. There is a plan for my life and a reason for things happening the way the do. I just have to trust in that and know that it is completely in my control to be positive about everything.