July 6, 2009

Been thinkin'

Which, if you know me, you know can be a very scary thing.

However...I've been thinking about how I can jump with both feet into photography. Unfortunately, The Man and I are NOT in a position financially where I can quit my job and jump in with both feet...but what if I were to find a way to supplement my income...hmmm...

So, I have been toying with the idea of selling Pampered Chef. I LOVE love LOVE kitchen products...almost as much as I love pens. Really! I love them. I have cookbooks, mixing bowls, appliances - big and small, and all things kitchen coming out of my ears. I get so excited to get something new.

I went to a pampered chef party a few weeks ago and scheduled a party at my house...really just so I could get a good discount on MORE kitchen stuff. (note to self...need to clean out the cabinets and make room for the NEW stuff coming) Anyway, as I was reading all the materials for my upcoming party, and I noticed that for a mere $155 you can get the set that gets you up and running....hmmm that's not too bad, right? And I figure with my passion for kitchen products...surely I can sell it - I mean doesn't Pampered Chef pretty much sell itself?? It does for me.

So I'm thinking that if I can get this up and running and help supplement my income...maybe I can wean myself off of my fulltime job and do this and photography full time and then eventually just photography fulltime.

So I'm thinking....maybe just maybe.

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Bianca said...

If you start selling, I'll buy! Girl, you bought the FIRST copy of the bible I worked on?! The editor just emailed me and told me.

You've blessed me... I want to support you too.