July 31, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

There are several blogs out there that participate in random things throughout the week. Friday Fragments is always a good one for me, because there are so many thoughts that run around in my head and they aren't always worthy of a full post...so, introducing ...my Friday Fragments.

~ Today the hooligans are headed out of town for 10 fun filled days with Nanny and Papa. Thank goodness. Love them dearly - but momma needs a break.

~ Yesterday The Girl started cheer practice and...wow! As I watched this group of 4-12 year old girls break up into groups for smaller group practices I was amazed. Amazed at how sweet the girls look, how short their shorts were, and how some of the cheers went. I'm not real sure that The Girl needs to "break it on down to the beat". What does that mean you might be asking? let's just say she is dropping it like it is hot. i.e. think stripper moves

~ Tonight The Man and I are going dancing. I love love love to dance. Love it! There are few things that make me happier. Our group that is going is growing considerably... I think we have around 14 people right now...HOLY MOLY! The control freak in me is well, freaking out a little bit. We still don't know what time we are going, or where we are eating, or who is meeting who where. Deep breaths...it is all gonna be ok.

~ My mind has gone in 30 different directions this week regarding my photography. Right now I am thinking alot about the indoor studio. Things I want to do, how I want to set it up, what "stuff" I will need. I am actually considering doing a boudoir session. I have personally done one and really enjoyed it and loved the outcome. I think I wish it had been a little more classy and not so much like a pinup model. I look at the images and don't feel like they are a true representation of me. I have it all in my mind and just need to figure out how to make it become a reality.

~ I have a bridal session tomorrow and I am scared to death that something is going to happen to the dress. We are a week away from her wedding, what if something gets on the dress? What if she sits down in the car and the zipper busts out? What if ...ok really these could just go on and on. What if I am not able to capture the images I want? What if I am not able to capture the images she wants? My fear really takes over some days.

Off to get things finished up so we can get on the road...hooligans...you better enjoy your time away. There are gonna be some changes when you get back. I don't know those changes are just yet...but there are gonna be some changes.

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♥georgie♥ said...

oh lordy...I own a cheerleader...and I know what ya mean about breakin it down LOL

have fun dancing...ima chair dancer myself...

enjoyed your FF