July 17, 2009


I must confess to something...I have a pen addiction. It's bad...real bad.

If you know me REAL well, you will know that there are only a few things that make me happier than getting new pens. I have specific needs though...

It must be blue or purple
It must be fine point
It must feel good when I hold it
If it has post-it flags built in - that's an added bonus
If it has a high-lighter built in - WATCH OUT

I haven't been pen shopping in months. Usually, I will run into Staples or Office Depot just to scope out the pens. Target...oh watch out Target shoppers - i HEART their pens and office products. It doesn't matter what I am running to Target for. Out of toilet paper...must get a pen. Need a new shirt for the kids...oooohhhh let's see what pens they have today. Needs some milk...hmmm maybe i'll just swing by the office supply section.

But I have been good. I have really held out. I seriously haven't bought any new pens in so long. In fact, I have even broken a couple of my favorite pens and just taped them back together...how pathetic is that.

But yesterday I got the fever. I was sitting in a meeting and my boss flaunted her pen in front of me. As she talked to us, she waved it in the air...almost as if it was singing to me. She wrote pretty things with it...as if it were calling my name to try it out. When she got up to run to the restroom I thought long and hard about if she would notice if it were missing when she came back.

I figured she would notice...it was her only pen.

It's her fault...she shouldn't flaunt those things in front of me. I am not strong. I can no longer go without buying a new package of pens. This weekend...I will be the new owner of at least one new pen.

Now...off to go do some recon work to see if I can find out what kind it was....wish me luck!