June 1, 2009

What a weekend

I seriously have so much to do and get done, and just didn't have the time for it this weekend either. This weekend was one heck of a weekend.

The Boy finished his baseball season, their team took second place. Woo Hoo!! I am really proud of him. He really doesn't have a passion for it, but he stuck with it. He thinks he wants to play again next year, but we will see. He had his band concert last week and let me tell you...he ROCKED the trombone. He got a 1 on his solo contest and a 1 in their band competition. He loves it. He has finished the school year a little lazy with his grades, but overall, he had a GREAT year.

The Girl finished her soccer season and her softball season this weekend as well. Her softball team took second place and her soccer team took 1st. She still constantly amazes me at how little she has to work at sports. She finished the school year with straight A's. She is so tickled with herself. Yesterday was her end of season soccer party, and truth be told...it was a little sad. The team is breaking up and The Girl has decided that she will stop playing soccer and focus on softball and cheer.

It is sad, because I love to watch both of my kids play soccer. It is what they know, what they are passionate about, what they are great at. But they are spreading their wings and looking at other opportunities.

Last week was full of so much drama, that I am praying for a quiet, peaceful week this week.

Summer vacation is only three short weeks away. My goal is to walk 2-4 miles every day between now and the day we leave. I got in a swim suit yesterday...ugh it was gross. Thank goodness I had a tankini and didn't have to show all my glory to everyone. Surely, if I walk everyday and cut out all the carbs...well not all of them, because I don't do good on the Atkins diet, but let's just say the breads and the potatoes, surely i can loose some of the weight needed. I would really just like for my stupid thighs to not touch when i walk. Maybe i'll add in some stairs at work during the day. Oh, i'll just google what the best way is. Gotta love the almighty google.