June 17, 2009

Wednesday funny

Because today is Wednesday...and I only have 2 1/2 more days of work left before we head to the beach...I thought I would share a funny funny post from one of my favorites. Vodka Mom shared this list of what her kindergartners are NOT allowed to do now that they are in "big kid" school. She absolutely cracks me up and I love to check in on her to see what her life throws in her path.

Things we are not allowed to do now that we are in "big kid" school:

* We don’t give free massages during read-aloud.
* We don’t tickle other people.
* We don’t put our hands in our pants or anyone else’s pants.
* We don’t walk on the tables.
* We do not poop in our pants, cause that’s digustin’.
* We do not use potty words because they’re not propriate (We don’t even say pooh-pooh and we only say “p” when we are talking about the letter.)
* We do not walk backwards.
* We don’t get married in kindergarten.
* We do not punch each other in the head because your eyeball might pop out and bleed and that would be digusting.
* We do not pick our noses in school, only at home.

What REALLY cracks me up is that these things still apply to The Boy who will be going into 7th grade this year. Maybe I should post this in his room...