June 30, 2009

Someone's at the door...

That is the text message I received from The Boy this morning. GREAT, JUST FREAKIN GREAT.

Let me back up a little for you.

We have scary neighbors living next door to us as of 5 months ago or so. I mean scary, like gotta be drug dealers or something scary. At first The Man told me I was paranoid, but suffice it to say I am now not the only one who thinks so. Our quiet little couldesac of 6 houses now is even quieter because no one lets their kids play out front and I think all the stay at home moms are now watching out their windows 24/7.

While we were out of town last week, one of the neighbors called the police due to the loud noises and high traffic late late at night. The scary neighbors left before the police arrived, maybe have a police scanner, and things got quieter at night. Now the high traffic and random people are showing up in the evenings.

Sidenote: If you know me, you know that i tend to worry a lot and have a very overactive imagination. But I really don't think that is the case here and neither do the neighbors we have spoken to.

The Man and I decide that with the increased traffic we need to talk to the kids and re-enforce the rules of staying home during the day by themselves and staying safe.
1. Don't answer the door for any reason - even if you know the person
2. Don't tell people on the phone that we aren't home. Tell them we are in the bathroom and we will call them back.
3. Do NOT go outside for any reason, front or back yard
4. Only call 911 if there is a TRUE emergency

So after lots of questions, The Boy getting a little freaked out and The Girl really not understanding the severity of the situation we send them on their way after promises to comply and promises that 911 will ONLY be called in the case of an emergency.

Fast forward to this morning...

I get to work at 8:15
I get a text message from the boy at 8:30 that says "someone is at the door"

I call The Boy and tell him not to answer the door and go to the window to see if he can see who is out there. In my mind I'm thinking several things:

1. How in the heck is this happening after we just had this conversation last night?
2. Why do I have to work so far away?
3. Who is out there?

He tells me it's a police car...HUH? What?? What do you mean a police car? OH GOD why do i have to work so far away.

I tell him I'm going to call the neighbors to have them go check it out and he is NOT to answer the door. He says, "um mom...I think The Girl may have called 911..." "well, she said she tried to call 811, but might have hit 911".

She gets on the phone and I ask her not so calmly why she would do that..."I was trying to call 811" Really??? I ask her why in the world she would do that. Tell her she has NO idea how much trouble she is in and to go upstairs to her room and I'll talk to her in a little bit.

In the meantime I have called the neighbors and he is out their talking to the police officer and "apparently" they received call from our house... Yeah, just freakin' great. So he gets on the phone to talk to me and I don't even really give him a chance to talk I just immediately start rambling "yeah, I am so sorry we just had a LONG conversation about the scary neighbors on the other side of us and told them that if they had an emergency they were to call 911 but only if it was an emergency and apparently she decided that maybe she needed to practice and again i really am sorry..."

and no, there was no punctuation in the rambling either...i'm not sure i ever took a breath.

He still wanted to talk to the kids to make sure they were ok so i told him I would call The Boy and let him know to go answer the door.

The police officer talks to the kids, not near as harsh as he should have been, and then he leaves. I tell The Boy to have The Girl call me from the home phone. I jumped all over her and then The Man called and got all over her too. She knows she is in LOTS of trouble now.

UGH- why is it so hard to understand that ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY really means just that.

Wonder how long before CPS shows up?

OH, and this was all over and done with before 9:00 am

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Screwed Up Texan said...

I feel your pain and laughter at this situation. What made it even worse for me was when the police officer told my kids to call 911 when they needed "help" with something. You have got to be kidding me...help means they cant find cookies or someone spilt their drink on the floor. Help means I flushed the toilet and now it is overflowing.

Oh wait. Do police officers respond to plumbing issues? Cause if they do I am in.