April 1, 2010

Today starts the budget

Today is April 1...the beginning of my budget. Today is the day that I have to track every cotton pickin thing we spend money on. Food is for sure the hardest thing when it comes to spending money. I HATE eating at my desk, it makes the day so long. I hate cooking at home, it's not that I can't...I just hate it. But I am committing to making this work..I really just don't have any other choice :)

My guardian angel...I will send you my budget and then I think at the end of the month, I'll send it to you again and have all the money tracked on their that we spent. Then maybe we can see if I can cut back anywhere else...hopefully that will help keep me accountable.

This program has 7 baby steps.

Step 1: save $1000 to start an emergency fund
Step 2: pay off all debt using the debt snowball
Step 3: 3-6 months expenses in savings
Step 4: invest 15% of income into a retirement fund
Step 5: College Funding
Step 6: Pay off home early
Step 7: build wealth and give

So step 1 is actually going to be easy...just a coincidence, but whatever gets us there..right? I just completed the spring pictures for the little private school I work with and will receive the money next week. So...I am going to immediately, pay the school their commission, set aside taxes, and then fund this $1000 emergency fund.

Then, IF and only if, there is money left over, I am going to catch up some of the things we are behind on.

So wish me luck!!