April 5, 2010

Not too bad...not too bad at all

This was the weekend that I decided to see how well I did on my preliminary budget... all in all, I didn't do to bad. We went to the dreaded Walmart and decided to pay for the toiletries and regular household stuff separately from the groceries.

**note to self, next time make two lists so you can conquer and divide.

I had allotted myself $100 for the household stuff for the month and $100 for the weekly groceries.

I came in at $106 for the household stuff and $70 for the weekly groceries. WOO HOO!!

Of course this is just the beginning and there are already some things that we will need to add to the list for the household stuff, but this will at least allow me to keep a running list and then make adjustments to May's budget.

We were checking out and felt very proud of ourselves.

Other than our exciting shopping trip (how lame are we) we had a great weekend. spent time with friends, did softball, worked on the yard...well, kinda. The lawn mower has to be repaired, but that weedeater made a heck of dent in the weeds :)

This week will be busy. I have a pampered chef party Tuesday night, softball practice tuesday and Thursday, I'll pick up the picture orders on Thursday, and retakes on Friday.