April 8, 2010


Stress does funny things. Some people deal with stress on the outside...mine, well i internalize it all. It's just a lot easier to not show it on the outside, plus...who likes to hear someone whine all the time... I don't. I don't mind listening to someone when they have a problem, but when nothing positive EVER comes out...well, I just figure you're probably not doing a whole lot to try to find solutions...whatever - not what this post is about.

When I internalize my stress...{it doesn't even have to be bad stress, sometimes it's just busy stress, trying to remember to get everything done and make sure a ball doesn't get dropped} my body starts freaking out a little bit. Today...that means my skin hurts. It's kinda like shingles in that it affects my nerve endings. And today...my face hurts {yeah, i know...it's killing you too}. So, fortunately for me, I found the medicine I have and also found i have a couple of refills that will expire in may - better get one of those called in.

Update on the budget - we busted it on the household things...but I am still monitoring it and will readdress it at the end of the month and see what needs to be adjusted. :(

Darn budget. Darn Stress.