August 17, 2009


How many times can I be at the end of my rope?? I hate that I don't like my kids right now. Don't get me wrong...Love them...but seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

How is it that when The Boy is getting in trouble, I take his phone away for punishment and he becomes this great kid...I give it back because he proved he can be good and he becomes a BUTT. He gets this "I'm hot $#!% attitude". It has become a vicious cycle and I have no idea how to stop it.

The Girl...oh LORD! Her lying and her defiance...and just her overall demeanor. It makes me a freakin basket case.

something has to change...but what??

You have to really know my kids to truly understand. These are two kids that don't respond to punishment, not spanking, not taking things that matter them, not guilt, not talking to them, not time out, not...anything.

I am barely holding on to the end of the fact some days i think they have tied it in a noose and are quietly slipping it over my head.