August 26, 2009

1st day of school...done!

I wonder how long the newness will last of school starting again.

Today is day two of the school year. Both kids still jumped right out of bed, got dressed, ate breakfast, The Girl had to change clothes, brushed teeth, brushed hair, put on deoderant (an ABSOLUTE must), and were ready to go in plenty of time. The Boy has decided he wants to try the whole bus thing again, and sure enough he was out the door in plenty of time.

So how long do you REALLY think it's going to last?

First day was a good day for both. The Girl didn't really have too much to say about it, for her it was more about seeing her friends. The Boy had LOTS to's a recap

~ One of his teachers...he can't figure out how to say her name, is REALLY BORING!
~ He has to have his physical completed by Friday or he gets removed from Athletics...I'm working on it people!!
~ He made it into the Advanced Band (A) ...I don't really know what the (A) is, but apparently it's a big deal. He is one of five trombones and only two of the five are 7th graders...Woo Hoo!!

So one day down...and it was a success!