August 18, 2009

The phone

Well...we had to take The Boy's cell phone away from him...and lo and behold he became a great, normal, kid that is part of the family. This weekend we will lay out the new rules and he has this week to prove to us that he can be responsible. He now understands that one more lapse back into Mr. Hateful will cause him to lose his phone for good....FOREVER. Well, at least until he can pay for it.

Took him to get his physical today, hellooooo awkward. I had to stay in there as the chaperone since the dr. was a female. HOLY MOLY!! Not a fun place for The Boy, or for mom.

Turns out The Boy does have some things going on that require further testing, but we are choosing to remain positive and believe that everything is going to be just fine.

He also grew another 1/2 inch in 6 weeks. Woo Hoo!! Finally catching up to the other boys his age.

So with that little nugget of good news...I'm going back to work. Hopefully we will now find the balance between The Boy with cell phone and The Boy without cell phone.